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Your water resource for your quality life...from your inside out.

Where does your water come from?

How old is your water?

Is the water you drink, or what you and your loved ones drink, acidic? 

And if it is, what does that mean?

Sharing all levels and choices of what water you choose to drink and why it matters.

Bringing you as close to the source as possible.

Do you live in the area?  
Stop by Kaiser-Battistone and give the water a try - see what you notice!  The water is FREE and we have new, BPA free jugs waiting for you.  Learn more about the water here...and just add water!

To learn more - Local in CT - Our team, led by nutritionist Geri Zatcoff offers educational demos and workshops at:  

AnyTime Fitness, Fairfield

iFloat,           Westport



Health Success Center, Paramus, NJ

We share water info wherever we go and where you go, so please ask us!

Got travel plans?  Let us connect you to this amazing water wherever you go!


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