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Cacao Cowgirl Chocolate

Usually, you'll find me in the kitchen teaching you how to make amazing health supportive chocolates...but, you keep asking me to make some available to you and yours.  This request has inspired me to put on my favorite fancy apron and my cowgirl boots.  With sleeves rolled up, you've put me on a mission to make small batch raw chocolates and other goodies like gluten free, caffeine free brownies.

CACAO COWGIRL CHOCOLATE is now available for clients and private parties, by pre-order. For now, we're keeping it mostly local and available for pick up & delivery.  At farmers markets November through April.

Upcoming Locations and Dates:

Girfriend's Getaway in Bolton Landing

May 9 - 11, The Sagamore Resort, Bolton Landing, New York.  READ MORE...


DATES TBA, OPEN HOUSE at HOME, SPORT HILL FARM, St. Timothy's Church, Ganim's Garden Center.

Book a Party!  Book a Class!


Other options are available - the beauty of small batch. Dream up your decadent combos or think creatively for gift giving - we'll package in vintage or simple & small.  Valentine's Day, stocking stuffers, goodie bags and teachers gifts.  These chocolates are perfect for the bridal shower and wedding!!!  Boxes, bows, tins - as simple or as elegant as you like.  Just remember, no matter how you give the gift of's always perfect and boosts your health! CALL or EMAIL ANYTIME TO PLACE AN ORDER HERE

Look for upcoming workshops, so you can explore and expand your love of chocolate!


AVAILABLE November through the end of March.  After that, private orders only.

BARK:  My bark consists of a base of raw cacao powder, raw cacao butter, raw agave or local maple syrup.  Then comes the creativity and the health and joy of chocolate adding nuts, dried fruit, seeds, and spices to kick up the health benefits, make it count for more and to satisfy your soul.  All organic and without question, orgasmic.

Seasonal Selections Include:

PUMPKIN GRANOLA - Pumpkin seeds, pumpkin fig granola (purely elizabeth.), chia seeds.

HOLIDAY SPICE - Walnuts, cranberry, chia seeds, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger

CHRISTMAS - Red, White & Green (goji, coconut flakes, pistachio)

GOLD - Cashews, ginger, golden hunza raisin.

MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP - Cacao nibs & organic mint oil.

SUMMER SEAS - Cacao nibs, red Himalayan sea salt.

2.5 oz.  $8

3.5 oz.  $10

4 oz.  $12.00

9.5 oz.  $25.00


Additional Items Available to Clients Include:

CHOCOLATE MACAROONS:  A deeply delicious combination of raw cacao powder, raw agave nectar or from the farm maple syrup, coconut oil, shredded coconut, vanilla & sea salt all rolled into a 2 bite sized ball.  Six (6) per package.  1 1/2 dozen @ $18

BLACK BEAN BROWNIES:  Gluten free, loaded with protein and fiber.  A dense, dark and decadent brownie cake with a chocolate glaze.  Squares.  (Baked, not raw.)  

BROWNIES:  Eight (8) per Decorative Chinese Take Out Container with Fabric Bow

Party torte and trays available upon request.



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